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China Magnets Industry Co.,Ltd.
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We a company that combines production, sales and agency into one. Its headquarters is situated in Ningpo, Zhejiang Province, its chief products include magnetic chuck, NdFeB magnets, Alnico magnets, Smco magnets and Magnetic tools. Our chief products include supplying parts for disk drivers, vibration motors, DC motors, linear motors, acoustic systems, air conditioning, nuclear magnetic resonance and electric cars. We have advanced test equipment and strict test method, and for ten year and more we have provided customers with high quality products, magnetic chucks, permanent magnetic chuck, electro magnetic chuck, round magnetic chuck, magnetic lathe chuck and service.

Suction : 8kgf/cm2 , 10kgf/ cm2 , 12kgf/ cm2        (Specific made as order)

The permanent-magnetic chuck is applied to holding workpiece of magnetic material to begroud on surface grinding machine and universal tool grinder electrical process machine ect. And can also be used as line-drawing tools of benchwork for scraping and grinding .

The permanent-magnetic chuck doesn’t need power supply and wil not cause any unexpected accident because of fallure of power supply , therefore , it is being widely used.

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