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Awning, Umbrella & Raincoat (2488)
Baby Goods (1360)
Boiler, Pan, Jug & Cooker (10)
Ceramics, Porcelain & Enamel (2)
Clock & Watch (18)
Disposable Products (1317)
Exhibition and Advertising Equipment (1749)
Glassware (2116)
Horticulture & Gardening Products (3)
--Flower Pot & Planter (4)
--Garden Fencing (898)
--Garden Sprayer (1181)
--Garden Tools & Equipment (4)
--Lawn Mower (643)
Hotel Amenities (1509)
Household Chemicals (1233)
Household Plastic Products (11)
--Other Household Plastic Products (1290)
--Plastic Containers (2030)
--Plastic Film & Bag (3)
--Plastic Tableware (1062)
Household Rubber Products (1237)
Inflatable Advertising (1007)
Insect Killer (752)
Kitchen Implements (1106)
Kitchen Textile (1378)
Label, Tape & Adhesive (47)
Ladder (527)
Other Daily Use (1409)
Package & Conveyance (1)
Paper for Household & Sanitation (1)
Paper Material (600)
Sanitary Utensil (959)
Tableware (1199)
Tea Set & Drink Set (2)
Weighing & Measuring Apparatus (24)
Wheel (1146)
Top 100 China Light Industry & Daily Use Products
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Foil Tape
41. Foil Tape
Non Liner Alum Foil Tape: A dead soft malleable aluminum foil coated with an aggressive, high temperature solvent or acrylic adhesive system that combines superior quick stick at normal temperatures with superior low temperature performance at freezing. This type of foil tape conforms well to sheet metal ducts, providing an excellent vapor seal. Recommended for use at... [Last Updated: 2009-06-02 21:22:08]
Company Name: Ningbo Teagol Packing Tools Co.,Ltd.
Fiberglass Tape
42. Fiberglass Tape
It\'s reinforced with glass filaments for super strength. Backing is Fiberglass reinforced with biaxially oriented polypropylene film and be coated with Synthetic rubber. Filament tape is strong yet flexible. Use for non-critical strapping, packaging, bundling and palletizing. Hold the products together better than string or twine. Resist abrasions, moisture, solvents... [Last Updated: 2009-06-02 21:21:18]
Company Name: Ningbo Teagol Packing Tools Co.,Ltd.
Fiberglass Tape
43. Fiberglass Tape
Fiberglass Duct Tape-fire Retardant: It\\\'s thin walled pipe generally used for corrosive fume exhaust from process areas or equipment, but also used for fresh air supply or light-weight conveying of liquids or solids. Fiberglass duct can be used above or below ground, with proper attention to mechanical design requirements. Fiberglass FRP Duct is available in a... [Last Updated: 2009-06-02 21:20:49]
Company Name: Ningbo Teagol Packing Tools Co.,Ltd.
Paper Tape
44. Paper Tape
General Purpose Masking Tape (Economy Grade): General Purpose Masking Tape is made from easy to tear crepe paper as the backing material which are coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive. A General purpose, economy grade tape with a high tack, hotmelt adhesive. This tape is not designed for automotive or high temperature applications. Economical Masking tape offering ... [Last Updated: 2009-06-02 21:20:26]
Company Name: Ningbo Teagol Packing Tools Co.,Ltd.
Paper Tape
45. Paper Tape
This extra strong, flexible, creped masking tape comes in bright colors. Colored masking tape is a great project management tool. If you build exhibits or sets, if you direct a large project such as show or mural, if you decorate interior spaces, then use colored tape as a visual marker when you coordinate the contributions of others. Use for decorating, packaging, an... [Last Updated: 2009-06-02 21:20:03]
Company Name: Ningbo Teagol Packing Tools Co.,Ltd.
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