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Awning, Umbrella & Raincoat (2488)
Baby Goods (1360)
Boiler, Pan, Jug & Cooker (10)
Ceramics, Porcelain & Enamel (2)
Clock & Watch (18)
Disposable Products (1317)
Exhibition and Advertising Equipment (1749)
Glassware (2116)
Horticulture & Gardening Products (3)
--Flower Pot & Planter (4)
--Garden Fencing (898)
--Garden Sprayer (1181)
--Garden Tools & Equipment (4)
--Lawn Mower (643)
Hotel Amenities (1509)
Household Chemicals (1233)
Household Plastic Products (11)
--Other Household Plastic Products (1290)
--Plastic Containers (2030)
--Plastic Film & Bag (3)
--Plastic Tableware (1062)
Household Rubber Products (1237)
Inflatable Advertising (1007)
Insect Killer (752)
Kitchen Implements (1106)
Kitchen Textile (1378)
Label, Tape & Adhesive (47)
Ladder (527)
Other Daily Use (1409)
Package & Conveyance (1)
Paper for Household & Sanitation (1)
Paper Material (600)
Sanitary Utensil (959)
Tableware (1199)
Tea Set & Drink Set (2)
Weighing & Measuring Apparatus (24)
Wheel (1146)
Top 100 China Light Industry & Daily Use Products
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Double-Coated Tape
36. Double-Coated Tape
D. S. Foam Tapes are made from PE or EVA or PU foam and foamed substances as the backing material, then coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive. They are designed for adhering to rough surface, fixing the nameplate, sealing and shock absorption, e. G. Hook fixation, household electrical appliance shock resistance etc. Used as warm keeping and shock proof materials, fo... [Last Updated: 2009-06-02 21:24:38]
Company Name: Ningbo Teagol Packing Tools Co.,Ltd.
Double-Coated Tape
37. Double-Coated Tape
It is recommended for bonding to a variety of products and for laminating to a variety of materials. It provides dimensional stability and has die cut capabilities. Versatile quick-stick product for use on foams, plastics, metals and composite materials.

More Products, please visit, Or emai... [Last Updated: 2009-06-02 21:24:18]
Company Name: Ningbo Teagol Packing Tools Co.,Ltd.
Film Tape
38. Film Tape
PVC Electrical Wire Tape is a completely new packing material. The material is ultra-thin, strong, transparent, self-adhesive, bearing low temperature. It is the ideal packing material, especially used in packing chemicals, electronic parts, building material, rubber, bricks, china bricks, screws, wallpaper, leather, glass fibre, non-weaven textile, paper roll, electr... [Last Updated: 2009-06-02 21:23:56]
Company Name: Ningbo Teagol Packing Tools Co.,Ltd.
Film Tape
39. Film Tape
PVC Non-Adhesive Tapes used for automobile harness and wire, electrical insulation on joint and splices in wire and cable, bunding, reinforcing and harnessing.

More Products, please visit, Or email to us:
... [Last Updated: 2009-06-02 21:23:33]
Company Name: Ningbo Teagol Packing Tools Co.,Ltd.
Foil Tape
40. Foil Tape
Tri-directionally reinforced with 2 X 3 sq./in. Fiberglass scrim, U. L. Listed foil/scrim/kraft lamination. This tape conforms well to both fibrous duct board and blankets. Coated with a special cold weather, acrylic, pressure sensitive adhesive system that combines superior quick stick at normal temperatures with superior low temperature performance below freezing, t... [Last Updated: 2009-06-02 21:23:11]
Company Name: Ningbo Teagol Packing Tools Co.,Ltd.
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