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Bedding (1)
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--Cushion (0)
--Matting (0)
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Boiler, Pan, Jug & Cooker (0)
Camping & Outdoor Gear@
CD Racks@
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Fishing Tackle@
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--Plastic Furniture@
--Plastic Rope & Net (0)
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Household Receptacle (0)
--Bottle (0)
--Cup & Mug (0)
--Other Household Receptacle (0)
--Pot & Kettle (0)
--Sprayer (0)
--Storage & Organization (0)
--Travel Mug@
--Vacuum Flask & Thermos (0)
Household Rubber Products (0)
Inflatable Advertising (0)
Insect Killer (0)
Kitchen Implements (0)
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Label, Tape & Adhesive (1)
Ladder (0)
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Other Daily Use (0)
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Paper Material (0)
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--Cosmetics (0)
--Other Personal Care Appliances (0)
--Personal Cleaning (0)
Rack, Shelf, Holder & Hanger (0)
--CD Racks@
--Coat Racks & Shoe Racks@
--Hanger (0)
--Magazine & Newspaper Racks@
--Other Racks & Shelf (0)
--Storage Racks (0)
--Towel Bar & Bath Rack@
--Wine Racks@
Sanitary Utensil (0)
Tableware (0)
Tea Set & Drink Set (0)
Weighing & Measuring Apparatus (1)
Wheel (1)
Top 50 China Light Industry & Daily Use Traders and Factories
Fenghua Xiwu Yanhua Electronic Factory
1. Fenghua Xiwu Yanhua Electronic Factory

Zhejiang Fengghua Xiwu Yanhua Electronic Factory was established in 2000. With many types of products including metal alarm clocks, quartz wall clocks, quartz table clocks, clocks, some other technics and candlers, our company produces over 80,000 pieces every month. After more than eight years of joint efforts, dep...

Ningbo Teagol Packing Tools Co.,Ltd.
2. Ningbo Teagol Packing Tools Co.,Ltd.

Teagol Packing Tools Co., Ltd. - a professional manufacturer and exporter to offer various of packing tools which widely used in the fields of home & office, school, industrial & construction, with extensive products range, most competitive prices, good-qulity after-service and profuse exporting experience i...

Ningbo Union Fashion Co.,Ltd.
3. Ningbo Union Fashion Co.,Ltd.
Ningbo Union Fashion Co.,Ltd. is dedicated to promote MADE-IN-CHINA items into global, market, specialized in home textile field. Ningbo Union Fashion Co.,Ltd. is located in Ningbo China. Ningbo Union Fashion Co., Ltd has more than 30 professional staffs. Ningbo Union Fashion Co., Ltd. has been 10 years export experien...
Locosc Ningbo Precision Technology Co., Ltd.
4. Locosc Ningbo Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

Locosc Precision located in Yongjiang Industrial Park, Ningbo City, which is the central industrial city of Yangtze river delta and sits in the beachfront of the East Sea with long history, comfortable environment, convenient traffic and complete facilities in China, connected in highways, airlines, railways and por...

Ningbo Haian Polyurethane Products Co.,Ltd.
5. Ningbo Haian Polyurethane Products Co.,Ltd.

Our company established in 1989, a Sino-Foreign joint venture, is covering an area of 35,000 square meters with a floor area of 15,000 square meters. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation awarded our company special import-export trading privileges. Your ability to deal directly with our pro...

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