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Top 50 China Furniture & Furnishing Traders and Factories
Yinzhou Gujin Classical Furniture Co.,Ltd
1. Yinzhou Gujin Classical Furniture Co.,Ltd

Yinzhou Gujin Classical furniture Co., Ltd, Ningbo specialized in collecting, renovating and making Chinese antique & reproduction furniture, and have more than 25years in this range. We have a big showroom with stock in 20,000 square meters, the antique furniture collect from all over China including Mongolia, ...

Ningbo Yaja Furniture Co., Ltd
2. Ningbo Yaja Furniture Co., Ltd
Located in the east suburb of Ningbo, a beautiful harbor city, Ningbo Yaja Furniture Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer specialized in upholstery furniture, range covering leather and fabric sofa, dinning/relax chairs, beds, and also some table/coffee tables. Most of our products are exporting to different countri...
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