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Top 50 China Electrical & Electronics Traders and Factories
Ningbo E-Star International Trading Co., Ltd.
1. Ningbo E-Star International Trading Co., Ltd.

Ningbo E-star International Trading Company was founded in 2001. It owns four factories. And Ningbo Shunsheng Communication Apparatus Co., Ltd is our main factory, still is our parent company. It is manufacturing and exporting CAT5E, CAT6 LAN CABLE, PATCH CORD, PATCH PANEL, KEYSTONE JACK, TOOLS, FIBER OPTIC, CABINET...

Ningbo Linkbasic Information Technology Co.,Ltd.
2. Ningbo Linkbasic Information Technology Co.,Ltd.

Brief Introduction
In this e-business era, organization's systems are increasing becoming mission critical, powerful business models demands high quality, fast communications solutions. Linkbasic Networks provides the right solutions for you and make it easy for you to share information total network cabling solu...

Ningbo Yinzhou Longway Motor Company
3. Ningbo Yinzhou Longway Motor Company
As a major manufacturer of high-performance dc and ac motor,gear motor and stepping motor. Longway Motor offers total satisfaction to its worldwide customers in office equipment, home appliance, multimedia, power tool,automotive parts, medical instrument, textile industry equipment, industrial automation and toy indust...
Ningbo Ningshing International Inc.
4. Ningbo Ningshing International Inc.

Ningbo Ningshing International Inc. is a group company mainly specializing in integrates R&D, Manufacturing and brand distributing as a whole. With more than 20 years' experience in manufacturing and excellent achievements in this field, the company has been consecutively listed in China's Top 500 lmport & E...

Main Products: UPS, Stabilizer,
Taizhou Shuangfeng Electric Co., Ltd.
5. Taizhou Shuangfeng Electric Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Shuangfeng Electric Co., Ltd is located at the foot of the well-known Yandang Mountain of the beautiful coastal city called Wenling. It is 5 kilometers far away from Yong Tai Wen Highway Daxi Town Exit. With its persistent spirit of down-to-earth and enterprise, and patriotism, Sofo dedicates itself to the d...

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